When two individuals come together in a nuptial agreement, it is expected that both enjoy the fullness of happiness in their union.  This is usually made possible by a mutual understanding.

In any relationship, happiness is a useful ingredient.  Joy, pleasure, contentment, and fulfillment describe happiness as an emotional state.

Happiness is usually characterized as involving positive feelings and a sense of fulfillment in life.  However, there are many different definitions or meanings of happiness depending on individual perspectives.

This emotion can be excited within you, not necessarily from your partner, yes your spouse can make you happy sometimes but it’s not perpetual because they are also human.

Marriage indeed is honorable when both couples Involved are contented, the truth about happiness is that only one party should not only sacrifice for the other to be happy as in the case of normal friendship or relationships. It should be mutually inclusive.

Happiness in a simple sense has an overarching satisfaction that revolves around both parties.  This usually brings about a lasting impact when you develop this yourself. 

Question: is marriage not a way to gain happiness?

Answer: Not Really.  I will explain why…

You may find this strange because you are married to the love of your life and he/she has always made you happy for years and you feel this is it.  

The reality is that we are humans, your spouse who has always carried the burden to preserve the love you feel, will one day be overwhelmed and expect you to do likewise. 

Naturally, you may feel that your spouse doesn’t care about you anymore or cheating on you.

Love is not necessarily selfish, let us not be deceived, but the key is “understanding”.  Understanding impresses on the marital bond, thereby exploring individual differences and interpersonal characteristics over and over again. Therefore, considerable effort from both parties is necessary to enjoy lasting happiness.

In time past in some cultures, women who stayed enduring with their spouses had to bear and cope with their spouse amidst all odds and challenges. They often validate their reason for patience due to their children and to avoid bringing shame to their parents.

The fact remains that women in today’s civilized societies are more concerned with their careers and satisfaction, and they often find it difficult to tolerate marital challenges, leading many to leave their spouses.  This has affected many cultures leading to a high rate of divorce.

In light of these, women do have a significant role in our society, in terms of growth and for nature-nurture.  This points to the fact that a positive environment is necessary to excel.  You might wonder, how do you make myself happy?

Some of the ways to reflect on your self-esteem as a woman are as follows:

Be industrious and self-reliance

A woman must find something doing to generate income for herself, family, extended family, friends, or neighbors. She must learn to support her husband as a virtuous woman (who take extra measure to ensure family satisfaction) this does not mean she takes up the responsibility of the man in the home, every husband has to be up and doing and providing for the family as God made it.

Be submissive and respectful

Respect your husband as the head of the family, make him feel he is the king of his kingdom (family) why you are the queen to counsel and support him.

Be Adorable

As a woman, let your husband miss you even when he is away, this can be done through the way you love and treat him, and most importantly how you present yourself to him and the world (appearance).

Be Patient

Love is not selfish, that is why I said you must first love yourself. Sometimes your husband may be irritated with so many things even you, yes you, even bored, he is human.  As a mother, as much as we love our children, we still wish someone take them out for some time, so we can relax for a while.  

Yes, it is true but we miss them after a while, so give your husband time to cool off when he begins to show this irritating sign. Soonest he will run back to you.

Develop yourself

This can be achieved when you spend personal time meditating and educating yourself by getting additional qualifications, working hard at work, and getting a promotion to earn higher pay.

Consequently, it is advisable to set relationship goals together that will help you accomplish a life you enjoy and an extremely happy partnership, whether you have been in a relationship for a few months, a few years, or a few decades.

So, here are some examples of relationship ideas that every couple should have to help you come up with your own:

Treating each other with respect

In your relationship, putting each other first involves paying attention to each other’s needs and ensuring that they are satisfied.

You like seeing each other smile and would go to great lengths to make them happy. Look out for one other, love and support each other.

You remove the selfish part of a relationship by putting each other’s needs first, knowing that your needs are being cared for and satisfied by each other.

Know And Understand Each Other’s Love Language

The main notion is that we all have a love language that we speak and prefer to be talked to in and that our love languages influence how we express and receive love.

The importance of this in a relationship is that your spouse may show you love in their love language, but if you don’t understand it, you may feel ignored since they aren’t speaking your love language.

This is important in terms of relationships. Make it a mission to learn each other’s love languages and to do things for each other that reflect your distinct personalities.

Always engage in new things together

Spending time alone is good, but spending time with your partner is even better! Things may get boring as you go about your everyday activities, and before you know it, you may be trapped in a relationship rut.

Instead, try new things with your spouse, take exciting excursions together, or take turns selecting what you want to do and then doing it together.


It is important to understand that marriage is a partnership; the husband is the head of the family; he is expected to set a clear direction upon which the home is fashioned; he must learn to love his wife and mold her into the woman he desires.

If she requires a change in any choice made by her husband, she must learn to use knowledge and pray as well as communicate appropriately.  Together you can build your home and make it a happy abode.