Patience is a virtue – we have all heard it many times. However, I have always believed that although we know that patience is important, it is still one of the greatest life lessons. In our modern society of instant gratification, sometimes patience is a forgotten commodity. It’s a bit like a joke, God grant me patience. Give it to me right away. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines patient as: not hasty or impetuous manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity It’s no surprise that we’re eager. After all, it must be unappealing if we connect bearing suffering with not complaining […]
Every parent’s ultimate goal is to see their kids grow up to abide by good values and morals. This is usually passed by targeted communication by words. Words have power. It is especially powerful in parental vocabulary, as we “take out” the same twists and words over and over again every day and praise or scold them.  Children usually absorb these words unnoticed: their self-esteem, image of the world and role in it, their trust in others, relationship to relationships will all depend on what words and deeds we try to nurture them with.  The following are some typical phrases and […]
How Patience can impact on our lives
In the previous few decades, the world has undergone an incredible change.  The rapid change has created an attitude of haste and uncertainty in the way we perceive life.  We would rather not believe that things will happen in a specific way unless we substitute shortcuts and hasty corners.  Believe it or not, as we substitute other options, we wish to achieve our goals rapidly.  It seems to justifies our effort whether we are genuinely becoming impatient and take some irrational action that we may live to regret. The ability to exercise patience most of the time connote a respectable […]
Patience they say is a virtue.  The test of patience cannot be quantified using any parameters known to man this is because patience is elastic and tend to the limit of an individual’s temperament. In our world today given the rapid pace and the need to keep abreast of changes as they occur, there seems to be a continuous evolution of new dynamics of a general perception of life.  This is because technology has taken a different dimension and has transformed the way we live, interact, do business, education, and so on.  This has nonetheless created a sense of an […]