Our society today is a true reflection of our perception and interaction with one another.  Success is a journey and usually requires consistency of purpose as well as resilience.  Many studies have reflected on success, but there is no one ingredient to success.  Consequently, success by definition is relative depending on the individual.  However, imbibing some valuable tips of life would lead to success. 

This article is to share some tips about living a successful life:

Guide your utterances diligently

The quote commonly attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt states: small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, but great minds discuss ideas. When you are in the habit of talking about people does not create a state of energy for creativity. Don’t talk about yourself, let alone others. Talking about yourself is often hypocritical.  Talking about others is often entangled in trivial matters especially when it is in the negative.  For instance, when drinking and chatting with your colleagues and friends about others is usually not a good thing, because discussing colleagues and friends is often a topic for average people.  It is always bad to talk about people behind your back, especially talking about other people’s shortcomings.  The truth is that in classical terms it affects your psyche which invariably degrades your personality.

Opportunities are never “lost”.

An opportunity they say is never “lost”. The secret of success is to be deliberate in taking an opportunity that you perceived.  The bitter truth is that if you lose any opportunity, others will get it.  Don’t just sit back and wait for everything, let alone place your hopes on “opportunities.” Opportunities are only relative to people who are well prepared and good at creating opportunities. Perhaps, when you are regretting and complaining about losing an opportunity, the opportunity is being seized by someone else who is bold enough to take action. If there is no opportunity, we must create an opportunity, and if there is an opportunity, we must cleverly seize it.

Everyone should master the act of Meditation

You must learn to meditate and reflect on your ideas so that you will enhance your inner creativity to maturity.  Young people are accustomed to joking and playing and making noises.  When they are in an unfamiliar environment, they are suddenly at a loss in the face of all kinds of people and things. Sometimes they don’t even have a place to talk to. At this time, don’t be impetuous, learn to meditate, learn to reflect on your ideas in quiet.  Meditating in quietness, maturing in thinking, sublimating in maturity.  Don’t mess around with idleness and do boring and useless things, convert it to productive modeling of your creativity for a successful outcome.

Always be prepared for the eventuality

One day, a fox walked outside a vineyard and saw the watery grapes in it drooling. But there is a fence blocking it, so it can’t get in. So he went on a hunger strike for three days. After losing weight, he finally went into the vineyard to have a full meal. When he wanted to leave the vineyard contentedly, he found that he was too full to get out of the fence. I believe no one wants to be such a fox. A retreat is equally important. Full of dry food, sunny with an umbrella, bit by bit accumulation, it will be natural. Some things seem worthless today, but one day they may be worth a hundred times.

Be Adaptable to circumstances

You must be adaptable to circumstances around you.  Some people always limit their perspective to themselves, so they can’t appreciate events objectively; they always like to complain a lot about others and situations around them.  Don’t be as fragile as glass, but as transparent as crystal, as brilliant as the sun, and as strong as winter plum. Since you open your eyes to enjoy the coolness of the wind, don’t complain about the fine sand in the wind.

Be consistent with your action

You must ensure that your action is consistent with your general understanding and belief.  This is important so as not to live a pretentious career wherein you regret it later on.  You have to cultivate the habit of fairness even to yourself when deciding without fear or favor.  Don’t get into the habit of arbitrarily picking and choosing.  Be articulate.  Don’t bother to hold an umbrella in rainy weather, or be afraid of the rain without an umbrella, and show dissatisfaction everywhere.  Remember this: do it well, or do not do it at all

Be time conscious

They claim that punctuality is the soul of business.  In this digital world, you have to be deliberate about time; as non-punctuality will become a stumbling block in your work and career, the same at all times.  Not only must you learn to be punctual, but also to learn to advance in your throughput. Just like you go to a certain place by car, the scenery along the way is beautiful, you can’t help but get out of the car and take a look.  Later, although you still rushed to a certain place, you did not arrive on time. “Alarm clock” is just a simple prompt and reminder.  You must cultivate the habit of using an alarm clock to organize your activities.  It is flexible and practically aids you in timeliness.

Guide your reputation

The importance of your reputation in your quest for success cannot be overstated. Interpersonal skills are a continuum in which improvements can be made by interacting with both new and existing associates. In many circumstances, the phone will provide you with unanticipated benefits. Make new friends, but don’t forget about your existing ones; having more friends makes it easier to depart. Taking the initiative is one of the communication tactics. A solid reputation and good character can often help you advance in your work.


The path to success is continuously being built. In all settings and situations, we must strive for success at all times. You should make a list of the things you want to do in your life, keep it in your wallet or handbag, and go over it frequently. Goals, plans, reminders, and a sense of urgency are all necessary for life.  Note that stringing up one small goal after another becomes the big goal of your life.