The business world is always evolving due to the continuous trend in technology.  In recent times, there have been more people venturing into business in one form or the other.  However, it was reported in a survey in 2020 that about 90% of startups fail.  Also, about 75% of venture-backed startups fail.  Also, only 40% of startups turn a profit.  These stats are very worrisome, to say the least.  Nevertheless, business requires a level of fundamentals that is key to its success.  This is where business thinking is important for profitable business ideas and strategy.

Business thinking is not only about strategy, but a combination of inner capabilities coupled with the individual inertia to succeed. 

Although the extent of business thinking cannot always be quantified, statistics agree that those that have a comprehensive business strategy will most of the time likely to succeed compare to those without.

Business in its simplest form is the activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money.  Thinking in a broad term refers to the action of using one’s mind to produce thoughts

To put it simply, business thinking means that after conceptualizing a business event or idea, you can process, understand the logic and thinking behind it and make your judgment.

For instance, taking the stock market as a classical case, you buy a particular stock because you are optimistic that it can grow at a rate that could be compounded in the future;  This is an assumption based on the trend and understanding of the stock market

This same analogy goes for other types of business ventures or startups.  The ability to study the market based on economic indicators is critical to making a decision.  Remember decision-making is based on perceptions of fact.

Every time we buy stocks, it is an action that we want to understand from a certain business idea. . .  This is usually based on the information we are exposed to at our disposal.

In taking a business decision there is a need to have a good fundamental background whether to invest or otherwise.  It takes quite a lot of “business knowledge” to accumulate.  

Consequently, it is necessary to have a fundamental understanding of the business of interest.  This is your business thinking toward it. . .

This is a kind of business thinking that has been accumulated through long-term learning.

So how do you learn and improve your business thinking?

Continuously improvement in knowledge

The place of knowledge cannot be overemphasized in business thinking.  What this posit is the need to Read! Read! and Read! Yes, the best source of knowledge is through books.  When we read we improve our mental faculty and increase our neurons. 

Our brain is a complex organ that is capable of creating millions of neurons connections without being wary. Several types of research have been conducted on the functionality of the brain. 

To ascertain the activity of the brain researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment was used and discovered that there were no dormant parts. It was concluded that the majority of your brain is always active all of the time

When we acquire knowledge, it is a way of exercising our brains that is creating multiple connections and links within our subconscious mind.

Making a deliberate decision to read is also a discipline that you need to overcome.  Many a time we intend to read a particular book.  However, most often than not, we end up either not starting or not finishing the book; this is all about discipline.

Make a business decision based on knowledge

Some people feel that risk-takers are always entrepreneurs.  The truth is that successful entrepreneurs, don’t usually enjoy walking on a limb blindfolded.  Rather, they take calculated risks.  The term calculated inferred that there is a level of in-depth understanding through continuous learning. 

This is usually the conceptualization of an idea on a modest scale, then expand on what works well, adjust what shows potential, and toss out the failures.

Learn from others

Finding mentors is essential in the corporate world. Mentors are supposed to help us expand our business and utilize their model in our quest. It’s also beneficial to participate in groups with others who share similar interests.

Make it a practice to learn as much as you can about your sector and what it takes to succeed in it.  Consequently, learning from others who have been there before will save you a lot of time and effort.

Be steadfast on a positive outcome 

Business thinking is akin to people with an undiluted appetite for success.  They see opportunities where others see failures.  This is because they have cultivated the habit of not dwelling on mistakes but rather move on with more vigor.  This is usually the difference between successful people and others.   

They don’t magnify their failures or disappointment, aspersion blame on the economy, or blame others.  If the path to their objective is obstructed, they seek an alternate route or, in some cases, holistically review the objectives and refine the selection process.

Build a working system

In business thinking, it is important to have a full grasp of your business model.  This is where you need to develop systems and methods that allow you to hire other people to do the work of the business while you plan it.  

Business growth usually hinges on the capacity of your potential for creating a working system.  Don’t limit this potential for growth by not planning through your business.

Never stop learning and trying new things

The only constant thing is change.  What’s productive or trending now, will not be beneficial one year from now or 10 years from now.  In Business thinking it is important to always be ahead of the curve. 

Thus, don’t allow yourself to fall into the “this is the way I’ve always done things” trench.  Be open to new things.  Are there newer or better ways to achieve the result? What are the new things your client is requesting? How is the client demography regarding your targeting? Find solutions by perusing all that you can about your industry and paying special attention to your clients.


Business thinking is a strategic approach to business and individual success.  It is important to harness knowledge in your industry.  

Create reading goals in the same way you would your business.  Adopt working models and refine your approach for continuous growth. Device a strategy that works for you.   This will ensure you have the desired success in your quest